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Couture Fashion

Sve is a woman's high-end and 'ready-to-wear' fashion label, with all designs being elegant and misleadingly simplistic. Sve celebrates the strength and power of women in her sleek lines and flattering cuts.

Sve is known for her monochromic colour palette, but infusing each collection with a surprise of one chosen colour.

Sve fashion Designer boutique can be located on Tarporley Highstreet, Cheshire, CW6 0DX. There is a large range of styles in store for all special occasions. Race days, Mother of the bride and groom or simply that unique outfit for a ladies day out. You can view many of the different looks at Sve fashion designer online store, its only a click away, All garments are one-of-a-kind, be individual, look the best and stand out from the crowd.

Sally Ellis is the designer of Sve, creating all her pieces by hand - giving it that truly personal touch. In 2012 she starred in Rihanna's Fashion Reality TV Show, "Styled To Rock" which led to her winning Fashions Finest Designer of the Year award later that year. As a reward for her latest success, Fashions Finest published a designer profile on Sve in January 2013's issue. Sally is becoming a popular name in the fashion world and now has a celebrity following.
A made to measure service is also available.